Introducing a New Team Member: P.A. Dunn!

Exciting News:

I am super excited to share a new member of the Megabunny Reads team! I work with P.A. Dunn (@droodofguy) in the mundane world, and found him to be a fellow bibliophile and lover of all things fantasy! I love being able to offer a wider array of voices here on the blog, and its especially welcome to add a male perspective into the sea of ladies we have here 🙂

A Little Bio:

P.A. Dunn is a former US Marine and current writer living in scenic New Hampshire with his spouse and their 3 children. He is currently working on his own modern fantasy series, as well as a high fantasy graphic novel with co-writer and artist Jeremiah Hoppe. When he is not writing or pulling his hair out; he can be found reading, playing Dungeons & Dragons, or whittling away at his ever expanding streaming queue.

And So…

Expect to see some awesome posts upcoming from @droodofguy! He has some great reviews on the schedule for some epic fantasy novels, which I know we all love. Please join me in welcoming him to the team!

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