About Me

Photo Jan 30, 7 56 20 PMHelloooooo! My name is Megan and I hail from beautiful New Hampshire, USA. I am the face behind @megabunnyreads on Instagram, and in late 2018 I decided I wanted to supplement my Bookstagram somehow, and so then this blog was born! I have loved having a space to expand upon the thing I love most in the world – books!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I married my best friend (Ian) on October 31, 2015. That’s right – a Halloween wedding! The theme was black-tie masquerade and it was epic.
  • I have 4 awesome furbabies. Shady and Luna are my pups, and they are both Australian Shepherds. Shady is actually Luna’s mom! Kitty and Cassian are my cats, Kitty being a little yellow shorthair, and Cass being a huge gray half-Maine Coon.
  • Photo Oct 04, 7 43 31 PMI grew up on a horse farm and even ran a 22-stall boarding stable after college. I looooved that life, but it doesn’t offer great benefits and the risks are high, so I left that for a cushy desk job (which I actually love).
  • I am a huge Potterhead, and my husband is equally obsessed with Star Wars. Our house reflects our geekiness.
  • I am a loud and proud Gryffindor, with a few Hufflepuff tendencies 🙂
  • I have a 1969 VW Bug Convertible named Diego! He is the best and I drive him whenever the weather permits!
  • I have been reading tarot since early 2019 and absolutely love it.
  • My close friend and tarot-buddy is a professional photographer and is always down for fun photo-shoots! All of the pics in this post were taken by her!
  • Brownies are my favorite food.