Emotional Fangirling – Anne With an E Part 3

It’s been exactly one month since I last posted about the Anne With an E Renewal Campaign, and I figure that’s 4 weeks too long! SO MUCH had happened in these few short weeks, so allow me to update you!

The Petition

One month ago we had just passed 114k signatures on the official petition. As of today, we have exceeded 196k and its rising steadily every day!!!!!!! We fully expect to hit 200k in the next few days, especially with the current rate of signatures!


The petition is our best source for showing The Powers That Be how widespread fans really are, and it gives us easily quantifiable data! If you havent signed it already, I implore you to take a moment to do so! It’s secure and safe and will be greatly appreciated! Click here to sign!

The Billboard

So at the time of my last post, we had just raised ~$4k and our billboard had gone live in Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto:

Well…what if I told you that within a week of that post we had raised TEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, and have now had MULTIPLE billboards in TWO COUNTRIES and THREE CITIES?!?!


THATS RIGHT! Toronto has now seen 4 different billboard designs, and the billboards were up for more than 2 weeks total! Part of this is due to the brilliant billboard company, Outfront Media, which more than DOUBLED the amount of days we had to pay for, and GENEROUSLY kept adding more and more days on for free!!!!

The best part?! Amybeth McNulty (aka, Anne herself!!!!!) VISITED THE BILLBOARD along with Glenna (aka Tillie) and Stephen (aka Mr Phillips)!!! I think you could hear the collective screams of the entire fandom from space.


Super exciting was our TIMES SQUARE NYC billboard!!! Thanks to the tireless efforts of our project team, plus the EXTREME generosity of THAT billboard company, our Anne overlooked Times Square for THREE DAYS, one of which was a completely surprise bonus day that the company tacked on for fun!


FINALLY, a member of Anne Nation contacted the project team and became our hero when they donated AN ENTIRE MONTH of billboard coverage in Phoenix, Arizona, which included one week where Anne graced ELEVEN BILLBOARDS across the city!!!! Even now she is still up prominently at the Metrocenter Mall location, and there have been hints at a new billboard there come March!!!


The power of this fandom is unmatched and it astounds me every day.

The Hashtag

The OG hashtag (#renewannewithane) has now been used more than 7 MILLION TIMES on Twitter since November 25th, and we continue to trend over and over! This doesnt even include the other hashtags we use, plus the spontaneous and planned trending parties.


Media Coverage

Media Coverage for the campaign is growing more and more since the billboards went up. Most notable is the fact that our movement has started to creep into AWAE Cast interviews over the past week, which feels HUGE! Amybeth (Anne) and Dalila (Diana) both sat for interviews in the last week, both were asked to talk about the campaign, and both said wonderful things and expressed hope for a possible renewal! Amybeth’s interview can be seen here, and Dalila’s here. Its incredible to see the impact our campaign is having!


Cogeco Award

As part of the Canadian Screen Awards (which occur in late March), Amybeth has been nominated for the Cogeco Audience Choice Award! This is a great opportunity for Anne Nation to bring AB some recognition, so we have been voting constantly! Right now we are still in Part 1 of the voting process, which is voting on the website itself. Currently AB is in 2nd place, but that SHOULD secure her place in round 2, which is where Anne Nation will shine. Why? Because Round 2 is all voting via Social Media Tags, and if we excel at one thing THAT is it! We are determined to win this for her!

fiery anne

My Feels

I can say without hesitation that my emotions have been on a roller-coaster for the past month and a half, and will very likely stay that way until we get out renewal. Some fun observations:

  • I have rewatched AWAE pretty much non-stop since Jan 6th when I finished my first S3 binge.
  • I (and the rest of fan nation) have watched it so many times that I can quote whole chunks, that I have started to pick it apart for context clues, and that I can match the music to the different songs on the soundtrack/listening to the soundtrack brings up flashes of various scenes in my mind.
  • I still cry all the time while watching. It is no less emotional the 53rd time than it was the 1st.
  • Similarly, I often get teary while discussing the show on Twitter with other Anne Nation friends.
    • This also often happens while I am at work, so that’s fun.
  • I have made some awesome internet friends with Anne Nation members! Kindred Spirits, for sure!
  • AWAE seems to have ruined other shows/movies for me. Things I would have LOVED 3 months ago (ex: Little Women & TATBILB2) now seem pale in comparison.
    • After seeing Little Women, I went home and rewatched some episodes of AWAE because it was in the front of my mind the whole time.
    • After finishing TATBILB2 (last night, mind you), I immediately needed to – and did – rewatch the final 10 minutes of AWAE S3E10. I cried the whole time.
  • The idea of NOT getting a renewal is something that I just can’t even think about because I am a little afraid at how bad it would break my heart. It is a concept that exists in a weird hazy bubble in the back of my mind, and I try to ignore it.
  • I am in this fight til the end, and I sort of love being here in the meantime!

Everything Will Be Alright

More and more lately I have the feeling like our renewal IS coming. It’s almost TOO quiet in all the ways that make me think stuff is happening behind the scenes, and key players like Moira herself keep popping up with encouraging posts every time the fandom starts to get a little discouraged. We ARE being noticed, and we ARE being heard, so it is just a matter of time!!! We WILL save AnnE!!!


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