More Emotional Fangirling – Anne With an E

Hello Kindred Spirits! So it has now been over a week since I first dove into the #RenewAnneWithanE movement, and what a glorious week it has been! It was amazing working with fellow fans in an effort to bring our show back, and we have made some INCREDIBLE progress. We have trended MULTIPLE TIMES on Twitter, jumped up NINETY FIVE spots on IMDB’s Popular TV Show list (landing us at 21), gained over 114k signatures on the petition, RELEASED A BILLBOARD, seen support from the stars and creator of the show, and raised just shy of $4k for a second billboard to be placed in Times Square. Now let me blast some pics in here!

Trending for DAYZ!


Look at us trending! That’s twice in TWO DAYS! If you have any idea how twitter analytics work (I now know more about them than I ever thought I would), this is extra impressive!

114k Signatures and Rising!


If you haven’t already, I implore you to sign the petition! It takes but a moment and is the easiest way to show our numbers!

Raised ~$4k to Make Our Voices Heard


Spearheaded by our amazing leaders, AWAE Fan Projects, we have achieved our first billboard, and are now in the planning stages of our next one in Times Square NYC! If you support our cause, consider making a small (OR BIG) donation!

I promise that your funds are going to GREAT use, because WE HAVE OUR FIRST BILLBOARD!



Located in Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto (think the Toronto version of Times Square), this billboard is the physical proof of our dedication to getting this show renewed! It is made up of two different graphics, both animated, that cycle through 5 screens every 3 minutes! They will be up for 4 days total, from 1/12-1/15/20!!

The first graphic is our “Take Notice” board. Fans of the show will appreciate the nod 😉 It cycles through these four slides, showing some notable quotes from the show AND the Infamous Ryan Reynolds tweet!! It was designed by AWAE Fan Project team member Cait, and you can see the full animation here!

And now our GLORIOUS Anne-with-an-E herself!

Our Billboard.jpg

This STUNNING and AMAZING and INCREDIBLE design was created by artist Jhuffizi in collaboration with Myriam of Blytheseashell. The actual billboard graphic is animated, and the tear runs down our Anne’s face in a perfect physical representation of the tears of her fans. *sobs* Speaking of crying, I 100000% burst into tears when the first billboard pics went live. It was the start to an extremely emotional day.

All The Feels Kicking In

Not only did we have SO MUCH fanfare around the billboard release, not the least being trending on Twitter ALL DAY, but we had SO MUCH AMAZING SUPPORT FROM THE CAST AND CREATOR!!!

Anne herself, AmyBeth McNulty, and creator Moira Walley-Beckett!

The actors who play Jerry, Billy, and Cole!

We even had TWO of the cast go see the board IN PERSON!

What made me the MOST EXCITED, though, and what cause me to BREAK INTO UNCONTROLLABLE SOBBING FOR THIRTY MINUTES was the reaction from Araya, who plays Elijah on the show! Not only did he visit the board…




Words cannot describe how much hope I feel from the reaction we’ve gotten over the weekend! We always knew this would be an uphill battle, but I am ever so hopeful that we are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

I want to leave you with one last thing before I go. The following tweet contains a video that has made me cry every time I’ve watched it, and I want to show it to you. Click on the image to follow the link and be sure to listen to it with the SOUND ON! Its not loud, but it is IMPACTFUL!


“Dreamers change the world”

8 thoughts on “More Emotional Fangirling – Anne With an E

  1. Aww this made me smile! There’s not much of a fandom here in the Philippines about Anne with an E but I have a close friend who happen to love it after I recommended it to him and for me that’s enough! After all? not everyone is a kindred spirit yeah? And I must say that Anne with an E’s fandom is one of the best! All the love to you. Thanks for doing this!


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