Let’s Talk Bookish – Bias Towards Books & Authors

I’m back with another Let’s Talk Bookish, hosted by Eternity Books! This weekly meme is all about discussing bookish topics – sometimes controversial ones – and is a great break from the usual slew of reviews and book tags 😉

This week’s prompt is: Does your love for an author make you biased towards their book and vice versa?

As always, this is a bit of a two-part answer for me. Let’s start with talking about the authors that I love. My “auto-buy” authors, if you will.

I can say with certainty that I do indeed have a bias towards books written by authors I love. However, I am 100% aware of this bias. On more than one occasion I have found myself rating a book 5 Stars and then pausing to consider whether I am doing so because it was a 5 Star read, or because the author bumped it up the scale.

But the thing is, my favorite authors are my favorites for a reason! Theirs are the books I WANT to read again and again, and the worlds I love to visit, with the characters I adore. And THAT is what makes a book 5 stars to me. So, yes, I am biased, but maybe also I just know what I like! Note, this does not mean I won’t give something written by an author I love a low rating, but it’s still more likely I will be forgiving if that’s the case. Almost like a curve in the grading scale?

So the second half of this answer is do books make me biased towards certain authors? Yes, definitely. There are ample authors out there that I have read and thought “nope, this is not for me”. There are even some VERY well known authors (Marie Lu is one who comes to mind, as is Maggie Steifvater) who I really enjoy following on social media, who seem like lovely people, but who’s books I simply do not enjoy. I am perfectly willing to give “okay” authors another chance, but I also know what writing styles I really enjoy and what ones I don’t. It doesn’t matter how hyped their next release it, I am less likely to check it out. Too many books to read to fill my TBR with ones that I am pretty sure I won’t love.

In conclusion, I am definitely biased as a reader, and my love or dislike can make or break future reads for me.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Share in the comments below, or drop a link to your own Let’s Talk Bookish post!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Bias Towards Books & Authors

  1. Love this post! Yes, I am totally biased with certain authors. I’ve tried hard to review books honestly and to not let that love of an author influence what I think of a book, but it can be difficult.


  2. I’m not sure I would call it bias exactly… but for sure, when a favorite author releases a new book, I’m already predisposed to liking it based on my track record with the author. Then again, when one of my go-to authors releases the occasional book that doesn’t work for me, it feels like an even bigger letdown than if I’d read the same book by an unknown author. High expectations can work both ways!

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