Top Ten Tuesday – Presents for Our Favorite Characters

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This week’s TTT Prompt was Winter TBR. However, the middle of the month seems like a weird time to do a TBR, so we decided to come up with our own prompt for today! Amanda and I brainstormed ideas and decided to go with…

Our Top Ten Favorite Book Characters and What We Would Give Them for Christmas!

Aelin Fireheart from the Throne of Glass Series

Aelin needs season tickets to the theater of her choice! Music and plays were a great passion of hers, and the theater was a sort of haven. With season passes she could see any and all shows she desired!

Mia Corvere from Nevernight

A really good bottle of booze and five goddamn minutes to herself! This poor girl just needs a freaking break from the insanity that is her life, and we’d love to give her a few moments/hours/days to relax and download!

Hanna Donnelly from The Illuminae Files

A PS4 with a year of Play Station Plus. Our girl loves herself some training simulations, so we feel like she would thoroughly enjoy battling it out in Overwatch, Fortnite, and Apex. She’s also probably enjoy games like Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption, too.

Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables

A fresh leather bound journal and a full set of fineliner pens. Anne is so wonderfully creative, and we know she would love to have a place to record her thoughts. We can only imagine what she would think of all the creative ways people journal now!

Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter Series

An all-expenses-paid trip to somewhere tropical for just herself and Arthur! Molly is a total super-mom and deserves the chance to relax and get pampered! We love the idea of she and Arthur kicking it poolside at a resort somewhere, and Arthur just playing tourist and being amazed by everything.

Gansey from the Raven Cycle

A new compass. Always on the hunt for the sleeping Welsh King, he is a perpetual searcher. A fancy new compass would only help him on his way!

Peeta Melark from The Hunger Games

A one-on-one cooking class with chef Gordon Ramsey. He could totally handle Gordon’s sass, and you know he would appreciate the chance to learn under such an amazing chef! We have zero doubts that Gordon would be super impressed by him.

Finn from Aurora Rising

Annual passes to Disney World. He deserves a chance to let loose and have a little fun. With his quick wit and sass, Disney feels like it would be his kind of place! We’d also set him up with a tour behind the scenes and a chance to meet the Imagineers, because his Gearhead self would totally appreciate getting to see behind the magic.

Sevro from the Red Rising Series

We are totally sending Sev to Disney with Finn. Someone please write this FanFic right now!

Note: he would NOT be allowed behind the scenes with Finn. That could only end poorly.

Percy Jackson from…Percy Jackson. lol

A framed picture of his mom and dad! The poor kid is always kept from his parents, and a nice framed picture would give him something to remember them by.

What would you give your favorite characters for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below, or drop your own TTT link so we can check it out!

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Presents for Our Favorite Characters

  1. Awww, sweet list! Fictional characters need holiday love too! I love the idea of Molly on vacation. She seems like the type who’d start talking to everyone she meets and by the end of the trip, would have become a stand-in mom for everyone there.

    My TTT

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