Thursday Discussions: Bookish Items to Give as Gifts

Thursday Discussion is a meme started by Ally Writes Things. She posts a topic for every other week, and we write a post about that topic. It can be as long or as short as you like, so it’s a great way to spice things up!

This week’s topic is Books to Give as Gifts. So I JUST did this same prompt for my usual Six for Sunday post, so I am going to put a little spin on things this time and do Bookish Items to Give As Gifts!

MLC Co Candles

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with bookish candles, and it’s even less of a secret how much I love the ones MLC Co creates! Is this because I have part of the creative team for two years now and therefore get to help design the candles?! Noooo, def not. 😉

Photo May 16, 7 48 58 PM

Bias aside, I can attest to how awesome these really are! Ashley is a master of her craft and the scent blends are always fabulous and the scent throw is wonderful! PLUS, she is the ORIGINAL creator of The Sorting candle, which makes a great gift for the Potterhead in your life (even if that Potterhead is you!!). AND you can totes use my code MLCBUNNY to save 10% at checkout!

MLC Candle Crate

Oh look, my bias is back! Not only does MLC have awesome singular items, they also have their INCREDIBLE Candle Crate. This monthly subscription box puts all others to shame, and is perfect for those of us who are total candle hoarders!

Photo Aug 11, 1 51 58 PM

Every box comes with new release book (and we always reveal it ahead of time so no need to guess!), TWO EIGHT OUNCE CANDLES, and several other awesome goodies, at least one of which is always a bath/body item. As for the candles, one of the two is ALWAYS a sorting style candle, and the other is a wood-wick candle in a gorgeous amber jar! I mean, check out this epic photo from @Literaryxqueen to see the contents of the October box!

Again, you can use my code MLCBUNNY to save 10% on your subscription, and that 10% applies to EACH box for the duration of your subscription!

Ink & Wonder Woodmarks

I have LONG been obsessed with the gorgeous woodmarks from Ink & Wonder. What started with a single woodmark from a subscription box has swelled to a massive collection numbering close to 50, plus MANY other items from their shop such as totes, stickers, pins, scarves, and more! Their Wonder Crates are always amazing, and they have the new Mandrake of the Month Club starting in January! These make a fabulous gift for any bibliophile!

Photo Aug 12, 7 48 12 PM.jpg

Bookish Tea from The Simply Bookish Co

I do not drink coffee at all, but I have a very deep love for tea of all types! Hot, iced, baked into a cake – you name it, I want it! I have long adored the blends created by The Simply Bookish Co, and can highly recommend them! My personal favorites are the Amren Chai, the Burrow Blend, and the Second Breakfast Blend!

Photo Dec 31, 8 56 56 AM.jpg

They also make other delightful bookish items such as bookmarks, pins, and mug rugs. Some of these items are exclusive, so make sure you keep an eye on the shop! I can also recommend their limited edition boxes, which come out regularly but with limited numbers!

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook

Every bibliophile needs the perfect notebook, and I ADORE the Leuchtterm1917 hardcovers!!!! They come in lined, dotted, or – my fave – gridded, and in a SLEW of colors!!! Plus they have a million pages (which are numbered!), two ribbon bookmarks, and are SOOO durable. I religiously keep a book journal to track my yearly reading, and these are absolutely perfect. I also keep one for my other-journaling needs, and a THIRD for my tarot stuff.


I really really love these notebooks, and they are well worth the $20 price tag! Amazon does carry them in most colors, although the actual Leuchtturm1917 website has a wider selection!!! They even offer specific reading journal versions, and bullet journal versions, although I like to free-form my own and so the standard Medium A5 works perfectly for me!!

The Happy Planner 2020 Planner

But wait Megan…didn’t you just say you already keep THREE journals? Why the heck would you need a planner too?! Well, friend, I have an obsession with writing things down. Not only do I have my three journals, but I also maintain an everyday planner, a social media planner, and a work planner! And I love it!

Photo Dec 11, 11 50 41 AM.jpg

The Happy Planner combines my love of stickers with my love of pens with my love of markers with my love of being organized!!! I also love that the pages pop in and out, and there are tons of different layouts and add-ons and covers! This will be my third year using one, and I am loving it!


Books, books, and more books!!! There is no better present to give a bibliophile than books. And every bibliophile has a wishlist somewhere of all the books they want/need/have-to-have, so it’s easy enough to make sure you get them something they will love! Or, when in doubt, gift cards!!!

Photo Nov 27, 9 33 18 PM.jpg

What Bookish Items are your Gifting Go-Tos?! Tell us in the comments below!!!

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