The “I Should Have Read That” Book Tag

This tag speaks to me on a soul deep level, so thank you to Kat from Here There Be Dragons for posting it so I could see it and feel the compulsive need to participate!

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post
  • Link to the creator’s blog (
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag 10 others to take part
  • Have a blast!

A Book That A Certain Friend is Always Telling You To Read

I think I am actually the friend who is always giving out “omg you have to read this” recs. I am a fast reader, so I tend to have a slew of books finished that I need someone to fangirl over with.

I’m also usually pretty good about reading recs from friends in a timely manner. One book that a good friend begged me to read was Gameboard of the Gods by Rachelle Mead. She bought me the two books for Christmas one year, so I had no excuse 😉 I did enjoy them, although the series is still unfinished with is always sad!

A Book That’s Been On Your TBR Forever And You Still Haven’t Picked It Up

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katharine Arden. I have heard so many good things about this series (plus I have some serious cover love for it) but this book had been on my TBR shelf for two years. I am DETERMINED to finally read it before the end of 2019.

A Book in a Series You’ve Started But Haven’t Got Round To Finishing Yet

Oh, you mean my entire TBR shelf? I always find that I want/need to reread previous books before I start the latest, which means dedicating more time to a series than I sometimes have. So I have at least a dozen unfinished series on my shelves. Some notable examples: The Three Dark Crowns series by Kendare Blake (of which I haven’t read books 3 or 4), the Renegades trilogy by Marissa Meyer (of which I haven’t read books 2 or 3), the Arc of a Scythe trilogy by Neal Shusterman (of which I haven’t read books 2 or 3), the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard (of which I haven’t read book 4 or the giant novella). And these are just SOME of the FINISHED series I have partially unread.

A Classic You’ve Always Liked The Sound Of But Never Actually Read

I’m actually not sure. For a long time I hadn’t read the complete works of Jane Austen, but a few years ago I made a point to read all of her books, so I knocked those off the list. I don’t LOVE classics, mostly because High School required us to read so many that I didn’t enjoy which probably gave me a subconscious distaste for them.

A Popular Book That It Seems Everyone But You Has Read

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. I just…can’t. Every time I think maybe I’ll give in and finally give it a chance, I read the description and am not impressed. I think I would have probably been all over this series back in my Twilight years, but these days my tastes are more specific, and I have too many books I WANT to read to take on a whole series I am “meh” about.

A Book That Inspired A Film/TV Adaptation That You Really Love, But You Just Haven’t Read It Yet

Um….The Walking Dead maybe? I mean, I stopped watching the series a few seasons back, but I really did love it for a long time. My husband actually owns the first omnibus for the comics, but he cautioned that they are a million times more graphic than the show, so I have no real desire to read them any time soon.

A Book You See All Over Instagram But Haven’t Picked Up Yet

Please refer to the previous question about “unfinished series”. I buy all the books and then I let them season on my shelves and TBR cart for a while. Like a fine wine?

I tag everyone who has a never-ending TBR!

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