Disney Sidekick Book Tag

As usual, this tag came from Lauren at Lala’s Book Reviews! I love me some Disney, and with the recent release of Disney+, my life has pretty much become one big Disney montage! P.S. if you haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet, OMG DO IT!

ANYWAY, let’s get to it!

Mushu From Mulan – Name Your Favorite Hilarious Character or Your Favorite Comedy/Funny Book

I love Spensa from Skyward by Brandon Sanderson! She is always spouting off ridiculous things that make me laugh out loud. I know I have talked this book up a lot lately, but it’s just so good!

The Seven Dwarves From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – Favorite Group / Ensemble

I feel like this is 100% a toss-up between The Cadre from Throne of Glass, or The Inner Circle from A Court of Thorns and Roses. OR do we go with The Dregs from Six of Crows?! This is becoming a pretty impossible choice.

Pascal From Tangled – Name a Book or Series That Started Out One Way But Changed for You

I would have to go with the Caraval trilogy by Stephanie Garber. I enjoyed the first book in the series, but I wasn’t totally in love with it. In fact, I wasn’t even going to rush to read book two except I got access to an eARC and figured I may as well give it a read. Good thing, because IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Now I am totally obsessed with this series and own so many copies! ALL the heart eyes!

Meeko From Pocahontas – Name a Plot Twist That You Did Not See Coming

Well, I’m not going to share any ACTUAL plot twists, because that’s just cruel, BUT I will say that Scythe by Neil Shusterman was packed with moments I did not see coming. I haven’t read the rest of the series yet (I KNOW, OKAY?!) but I imagine it’s just as twisty!

Rajah From Aladdin – Name Your Favorite Best Friend in a Novel

Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. If your best friend wouldn’t brave the horrors of Mordor with you, can they really even be considered your best friend?

Image result for samwise gamgee gif


Love Songs and Other LiesSebastian From The Little Mermaid – Name a Novel Where Music Played A Big Part or Made You Want to Sing Its Praises

Love Songs & Other Lies by Jessica Pennington. The synopsis say it all:

“Two years after rock-song-worthy heartbreak, Virginia Miller is looking forward to a fun, carefree summer. Her friends just landed a spot on a battling bands reality show, and Vee is joining them for her dream internship on tour. Three months with future rockstars seems like an epic summer plan. Until she learns she’ll also be sharing the bus with Cam. Her first love, and her first heartbreak. Now Vee has more than just cameras to dodge, and Cam’s determination to win her forgiveness is causing TMZ-worthy problems for both of them. With cameras rolling, she’ll have to decide if her favorite breakup anthem deserves a new ending. And if she’s brave enough to expose her own secrets to keep Cam’s under wraps”

Maximus From Tangled – Name a Character That Faces a Lot of Obstacles

Darrow from the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. He faces nothing but obstacles, and that hasn’t stopped for a moment in all five books. Maybe he will finally get a HEA once the series ends? Maybe?

Hamish, Hubert, & Harris from Brave – Favorite Family Dynamics in a Novel

I don’t think we can possibly have another answer here than the Weasley family from the Harry Potter series.

Image result for molly weasley gif

Ray From The Princess and the Frog – Book That Most Impacted Your Life

The Harry Potter series, of course! This series has had a lasting impact on my life and has pretty much intertwined itself into my very being. I am a Potterhead for life!

Photo Jul 25, 6 14 38 PM

lemon freshHei Hei From Moana – Name a Character That Steals the Show

Lemon Fresh from LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff. Not only is she full of sass and vinegar, but she is so awesome that DEV1AT3 follows her POV for a huge chunk of the book!

“I’ve been thinking about what you said,” Lemon declared. “About whether your past makes you what you are. That’s all our memories are, right? The pieces of our yesterdays that make us who we are today?”
Eve thought about it for a while, finally nodded. “Sounds right.”
“So you’ve had some bad days, no doubt,” Lemon said. “But I figure, instead of letting your yesterdays bring you down, maybe you can concentrate on building some happier memories today. And that way you’ll have them for tomorrow?”

The GambleGus & Jaq From Cinderella – Name Your Favorite Opposite Attracts Pairing

Okay, this is going to be a book that likely NO ONE here has heard of, but I have to go with Agatha and Scott from The Gamble by Lavyrle Spencer. This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE romance novel, and it takes place during the start of the American Prohibition. Gussie is a staunch prohibitionist thanks to growing up with an abusive alcoholic for a dad, and Scotty is the owner of a very prosperous saloon with which he is able to support his found family – a bunch of misfits who’ve finally found solace in a lifetime of difficulties. It’s SO full of feels, and now I feel like I need to go reread it again!

I am going to tag EVERYONE for this, because who doesn’t love Disney?!

3 thoughts on “Disney Sidekick Book Tag

  1. I LOVE this tag. I’m definitely going to give it a go! 🙂 Great answers! I love the Throne of Glass and ACOTAR crews. Harry Potter is also the series that has impacted my life the most as well! It is my soul medicine. I’m currently re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban ❤


  2. So fun! Love seeing Disney sidekicks get their own tag. 🙂 Gotta love Mushu, Sebastian and so many of these lovable characters. It never fails that EACH time I see “Six of Crows” on a list I’m reminded that I’ve yet to read it. Someday I must remedy this…!! 🙂


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