Six for Sunday – Books You’d Throw in the Fire

Hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot! Thanks!

This is a topic that speaks to me on a soul deep level. I am actually fairly confident this prompt was 100% written for me specifically, and I am here for it! This post will probably piss a lot of people off, BUT I have long ago stopped caring about that AND will happily include a whole slew of disclaimers at the end, so stay tuned for that and just marvel in the beauty for a while.

So, without ANY further ado, here are 6 Books I Would Throw in the Fire.


Photo Nov 11, 11 01 07 PM.jpg




Photo Jul 12, 9 38 44 PM.jpg


Photo Nov 10, 12 48 59 AM


Photo Nov 11, 11 01 10 PM


Photo Nov 11, 11 01 14 PM

A Few More for Funsies.

YAY FIRE!!! I have to give SOOOO much credit for my collaborator on this project, Monica from Bushor Photography. She is my partner in crime anytime I want to do some sort of batshit crazy photoshoot, and the fire shoot was easily my favorite of all the many projects we have done together. As it turns out, lighting books on fire is WAY more fun than it should be, and makes for some stunning photos.

As for the disclaimers, please note that all of the books you see here were either 1) diet books purchased from the Dollar Tree or 2) from the used/damaged bin at Goodwill. If you would like to check out my FULL list of disclaimers regarding my fire pics, please follow this link here, which was a feature post on my old Biblio Bitches blog (ah, memories). I have been showing off these glorious pics for years now on my Instagram, so the disclaimers have become numerous and have also increased in snark. Enjoy!

What book(s) would you toss in the fire? Tell me in the comments below!

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