NaNoWriMo 2019 Day 22 (plus puppies!)

When last I updated I was prepping to go into the weekend DETERMINED to write my fingers off and not only catch up to where I needed to be, but also to exceed it. Well…about that.

So I still haven’t caught up, which should come as no great surprise because that’s pretty on brand. The problem was that I definitely overestimated the amount of time I would have to actually sit down and write. For starters, my husband was leaving Saturday morning for a 2 week trip, which meant my Friday was pretty much devoted to spending time with him (obviously). I managed to sneak in a short session, but still only got 582 words down.

Saturday I actually had a good session and managed 3362 words! I was feeling pretty okay at this point. And then Sunday I went to visit my parents (and the puppies!!!) which took up far more of my day than I had planned (did I mention PUPPIES?!). I did manage to squeak in 1834 words, but then it was like 11pm and I needed to sleep.

(I mean, how can anyone get ANYTHING done when there are puppy nuggets to snuggle?!)

Monday I had every intention of sitting down and blasting out some words, and I fired everything up, sprinted my way to 520 words, and then my whole body just refused to cooperate any longer. My back was aching, my head was throbbing, and my carpal tunnel was reminding me it was there. Not great.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was able to rally and I got 2614, 2602, and 2011 words respectively! This has gotten me soooo close to catching up, but I am looking towards another weekend packed with All The Things To Do. So we shall see. I am determined, but I also said that last week too. *sigh*

So, as we move into the weekend I am sitting at a grand total of 33959 words, and the on-track-target for the end of today is 36674. I THINK I can do this. Just send me all the juju and I will send more puppy pics (I will see them tomorrow so there will def be so many snugs!).

Are you participating in NaNo? Tell me how you are doing in the comments!

NaNo 2019

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