WWW Wednesdays – November 20, 2019

WWW Wednesday Graphic.jpgIt’s time for another WWW Wednesday, which is currently hosted by Taking on a World of Words! This tag is quite simple, and just asks that we answer the following questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

So my reading week this past week wasn’t nearly as productive as the last, but I firmly blame Disney+ for that! I mean, obviously I need to rewatch all of the Disney Channel Original Movies I grew up with, right? Right! So in light of that, plus the whole NaNoWriMo thing, I read less than I’d have liked, but I’m okay with it. Lets check out my WWW.

What Am I Currently Reading?

I am currently reading Inheritance by Christopher Paolini on my Kindle, and listening to Redwall by Brian Jacques on Audible.

I had forgotten what a tank of a book Inheritance is, not just because its over 800 pages, but also because the story gets a lot more detailed at this point and I find myself needing to slow down as I read. I am sad to be coming to the end of this series BUT I was super excited by yesterday’s announcement from Paolini about his new book for 2020!!! It’s been years and years since he released anything, so I am jazzed! PLUS the Entertainment Weekly article for the book announcement ALSO said we Alagaësia fans should be expecting to hear “lots more from Paolini soon” which has me SO excited! He’s already confirmed there will be more books in this world, so here’s hoping we get them ASAP!

As for Redwall, I only have a few hours left on the audiobook, which means I should be finished with it before the week is out!


What Did I Recently Finish Reading?

Not too much here. I, of course, finished Brisingr by Christopher Paolini before starting Inheritance, and I also read Breakup Boot Camp by Beth Merlin, and Lip Smacker by Alison G. Bailey.

Brisingr was as amazing as I remember, so that was great. Breakup Boot Camp is an adult contemporary, and I actually posted a full review earlier! Check that out here if you’re interested! Lip Smacker was another Adult Contemporary Romance, and you can expect a review of that on Friday (I’ll def update this post with the link when it’s live)!


What Do I Think I’ll Read Next?

Not much change in my TBR since last week. I definitely plan to get to The Starless Sea ASAP. Serpent & Dove is still sitting on my nightstand, and Ninth House is a contender as well (wow, this selection is very monochromatic. I kind of love it). I also have an ARC to review that I won’t share yet, as it’s still a little hush hush! Let’s just say that I love being on various street teams!


Well, that’s my WWW for the week! What’s yours? Feel free to drop a link in the comments below if you also participate in this weekly meme!

24 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays – November 20, 2019

  1. Those are some exciting books you plan to read next! I love how the covers all match perfectly too haha. Hope you have a great week of reading 🙂


  2. Oh, man, it’s been forever since I read Redwall! I don’t even really remember it anymore. You’ve got some pretty big-name books for your upcoming reads, so I’m excited to see what you think of them. I really want to read The Starless Sea, too. Happy reading!


  3. I read the Christopher Paolini books many years ago and loved them! I also have all three of the books that you plan to read next on my list. I am most excited about The Ninth House. I am also one of the oddballs that didn’t love The Night Circus, so I am a little iffy about The Starless Sea, but I still want to read it.


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