Thursday Discussions: Favorite Childhood Books

Thursday Discussion is a meme started by Ally Writes Things. She posts a topic for every other week, and we write a post about that topic. It can be as long or as short as you like, so it’s a great way to spice things up!

This week’s prompt is Favorite Childhood Books. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, so I decided to pull together a fun list of the books I adored growing up!

The Babysitters ClubThe Babysitters Club Series by Ann M Martin

Were you even a girl in the 90s if you didn’t read these books? I had ALL OF THEM plus the Super Special editions, and if I could go back and tell younger me one thing it would be to NEVER GET RID OF THESE! I recently thought to collect these again for nostalgia’s sake, and ohemgee they are so pricey. Maybe someday I will spend the money, but not not today.

On a similar note, Audible recently released what appears to be the entire series on audiobook, and I am not going to lie and say I don’t have book one on my wish list. They’re only $6 each, so I may be tempted enough to snag a few at some point!

The Saddle ClubThe Saddle Club Series by Bonnie Bryant

Okay, okay. So THIS series is my literal One True Love. I grew up on a horse farm, my mom ran a summer horse camp, and I had a solid group of horse friends, so OBVIOUSLY I was completely obsessed with this series. I, again, owned every single one of them, and read them all over and over. I was also mildly obsessed with the TV show (um…did you know that Chris Hemsworth was in one episode of that?! I don’t remember it, but you bet your ass I’ll be hunting down where to watch them again) and definitely know the theme song by heart.

ALSO, I was super stoked when they released the Pine Hollow book series in my teen years. This spinoff followed the girls as high schoolers, and it was awesome! They’re actually available on Kindle Unlimited and I have been toying with subscribing for the sole purpose of rereading all 17 books.

One last fun fact: I loved these books so much that the FIRST book I ever attempted to write (I think I was MAYBE in early high school?) was 100% a knockoff of The Saddle Club. Only I prided myself on actually knowing horses (a fault that was sometimes glaring the obvious in TSC books) and therefore my books would be better. …I wonder if I still have that kicking around on a hard drive somewhere…maybe I try it again… 😉

Redwall original coverThe Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

The Redwall books were definitely my first deep dive into pure fantasy, and 100% helped shape me as a reader. I actually have memories of going to Borders Books and Music (anyone else remember Borders?!) and always looking to see if the latest book had come out. I have read all 22 books MANY times over, as recently as literally right now when I am listening to the first book on audio.

While I only own a handful or so of these in physical copies, my sister actually has the entire collection on her shelves! My goal is to one day acquire them all in hardcover, but that will be something I do slowly, for sure.

The Tortall Books by Tamora Pierce

These books probably shaped my reading more than any other books ever. I have a VERY deep love of strong female characters, high fantasy, and magic, and these loves originally stem from the many awesome Tortall books. I still revisit these from time to time, although usually just the Trickster’s Duology, which is both my favorite and geared a little older than the others. That being said, I love each and every one of these books.

the song of the lioness.jpg

Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery

I think everyone knows of Anne of Green Gables – it is a true classic – but as much as I adore that series, I have an equal (and possibly greater) love for Emily of New Moon. Both girls are creative, whimsical, dreamers and I adore them both. If you love(d) Anne, I highly suggest you check out the Emily trilogy! They are a little more polished than the Anne books, perhaps aged up a smidge, but are every bit as lovely and fun! PLUS, Emily aspires to be a writer, which is something we bibliophiles often enjoy in our characters!

What are some of your childhood favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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