This or That Book Tag

I thought that today I would do a fun little This-or-That post! I found this tag from my usual source: Lauren at Lala’s Book Reviews! Thanks so much for posting this!

The Couch or the Bed

Oh, definitely bed! I don’t often read on our couch (the dogs have pretty much staked their claim there), but I spend most of my time in either my bed OR the bed in my library! Yup, I have a bed in my library; it’s dangerous sometimes. Lol.

Main Male or Female MC

I don’t really have a strong preference here! My favorite books are an equal mix of the two, so it’s of no consequence to me!

Sweet or Salty Snacks

Sweet. Especially brownies, which are my weakness.

Trilogies or Quartets

I’d have to say trilogies, if it’s between these two. But I love really long series, too, like HP, ToG, and the Great Library series. But seriously, trilogies are awesome.

A.M. or P.M.

PM for sure. I am not at my best in the morning, especially if it means having to get up for work. However, I do love a lazy weekend morning!

First or Third P.O.V.

Probably third person. It’s easier to connect with the character, for me, when I don’t have to remind myself that the “I” is someone else and not myself.

Libraries or Bookstores

Bookstores. I actually haven’t been in an actual library in over a decade, and even that was just my college library and I was not there for pleasure reading. I have always preferred owning my books over borrowing them.

Laugh or Cry

Cry. For me, the first sign of an awesome book is if it can make me shed tears! I am a super emotional reader, so this actually happens more often than one might guess.

Black or White Covers

ALL THE COVERS! Just give me a gorgeous cover in ANY color and I am a total sucker. I totally judge a book by it’s cover.

Character or Plot Driven

This is VERY close, but I would have to go with character. I read enough generic romance where the plots are all the same to know that a great cast can make all the difference. But if the characters are meh, then why even bother?

This was a fun tag! I tag anyone who wants to participate!

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