The Universal Monster Book Tag

I wanted to be able to fill Halloween week with appropriately themed posts, so when I came across this tag on Lala’s Book Review, I knew I had to snag it! This has some super fun prompts, and I had a ton of fun with it, and I hope you enjoy!

The original creator of this was Witty and Sarcastic Book Club, so thank you for this awesome tag!

Dracula – A Book with a Charismatic Villain

Wickham from Pride & Prejudice. I mean, he’s not a “villain” in the strictest sense, since it isn’t that kind of novel, but he is definitely the antagonist here. He oozed charisma and had everyone completely in his pocket, and even dragged Darcy down in the process. Too bad his is the literal worst and is a total liar and then almost ruins Lydia. Honestly, serves him right to end up married to her – she will keep him in line *smirk*

The Invisible Man: A book that has more going on than meets the eye

The Caraval trilogy by Stephanie Garber. I adore this series and a lot of that has to do with how much is going on that you don’t really pick up on right away! Sooo many twists and turns and hidden agendas and secrets and ughitssogood.

Wolf-Man: A complicated character

AIDEN from the Illuminae Files. On one hand, AIDEN is totally a villain and is responsible for a body count that makes Game of Thrones look like they aren’t even trying. On the other hand, you totally start to feel for him and can sort of see where he’s coming from. He is the definition of “complicated”.

Frankenstein: A book with a misunderstood character

Draco Malfoy. Hear me out. Obv book Draco is a like the worst, and movie Draco is not any better (except he is Tom Felton and therefore swoon-worthy), BUT I am in the “fan fiction” Draco category where I feel like he has SO MUCH potential for redemption! It’s not so much as he is misunderstood, as he has been led to misunderstand his whole life and what could happen if he started to see things differently?! I could wax on about this for ages, but I won’t. However, if you want some awesome recommendations for my fave fanfics, drop it in the comments below!

The Bride of Frankenstein: A sequel you enjoyed more than the first book

All of them? Haha. But for reals, I have this thing where second books in trilogies always seem to be my favorite. Legendary by Stephanie Garber, Gemina by Amie & Jay, The Wicked King by Holly Black, A Court of Mist and Fury by SJM. Just a few examples 😉

Creature from the Black Lagoon: An incredibly unique book

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. One of my very favorite books (and omg I get to see her at a signing next month and I am freaking out), it is so unlike anything else I had ever read. If I could choose any fictional world to visit, I would choose The Night Circus in a heartbeat (Hogwarts doesn’t count because Howarts isn’t fictional and I stand by that with all my heart). The story is told non-linearly, and the circus itself is practically a character all its own. The book is SOOOO atmospheric. It’s just utterly unique and I love it.

The Mummy: A book that wraps up nicely (see what I did there?)

NO SPOILERS but I am going to say Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff and leave it at that. Thank you and goodnight.

I tag anyone who loves Halloween!

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