The Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag

I know this will come as a shock to you all, but I LOVE Harry Potter. I know, I know, mind blown right? I recently came across this Book Tag over on Reading in the Wings‘ page, and knew I *had* to do it. I will jump at any chance to talk Potter, and this has some fabulous prompts! Let’s get to it, shall we?!

Photo Jul 25, 6 14 38 PMWhat is your favorite book?

Deathly Hallows. It was the perfect ending to and amazing series that has meant so much to me. Up until DH it was GoF, but something about Deathly Hallows just appeals to me on a soul level. In fact, my one and only tattoo is the quote “until the very end” with the DH symbol. 

What is your least favorite book?

Chamber of Secrets. I can’t really explain why (especially since Lockhart is a riot), but it just didn’t resonate with me the same way the others did.

What is your favorite movie?

Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2. I remember sitting down in the theater to watch DH2 and the music swelled for the opening credits and I just burst into tears. It was the end of an era. I still get weepy when I watch it.

Also, I have to say my favorite scene is probably when Hermione reads the Tale of the Three Brothers. That was so artistically beautiful. It gives me goosebumps.

What is your least favorite movie?

This is tough. It’s either going to the Chamber of Secrets, because it’s also my least favorite book, or Goblet of Fire because they left out and changed so much. Also, that was NOT a good hair year for the boys.

Photo Jul 25, 9 40 33 PMWhat is your favorite quote?

Easy. “Until the very end”. As I said before, I have it as a tattoo because it resonates so deeply. I literally sob every time I read that passage of the book. Then we also have the double meaning from when Jo uses it in the dedication. It just describes my relationship with the HP universe.

Who is your favorite Weasley?

Ginny! She and I would totally be best friends. I also strongly feel like Movie Ginny was done wrong, since they downplayed her whole character. Book Ginny is so much more badass.

Who is your favorite female character?

Hermione. She’s brilliant and unapologetic in her brilliance. She never tries to be something she isn’t, and isn’t afraid to reach for what she wants. Also, if I were a muggleborn witch, I would 100% be studying my ass off to learn every aspect of magic I possibly could. She knows what’s up.

Who is your favorite villain?

Ooooh, this is tough. I think I’d have to go with Voldemort. I was going to say Umbridge, but the concept of putting that woman’s name in the same sentence as the word “favorite” makes me physically ill. Voldemort is the crux of this whole series, and without him it wouldn’t exist.

Photo Oct 05, 3 32 53 PMWho is your favorite male character?

Harry. I mean, the whole series is based around him. He’s also super sassy, which I adore. Sure, he has his moody moments (like the entirety of OotP) but we are talking about an orphan, raised by family that hates him, who has The Dark Lord out to kill him, AND he is a teenager. You’d be moody too.

Who is your favorite professor?

McGonagall. Hands down.

Would you rather…wash Snape’s hair or spend a day listening to Lockhart go on about himself?

Lockhart. I find him hilarious and would love to just egg him on. Besides, if I wanted to get him to stop, I could just pretend there were some pixies lose in the room, and ask him to take care of them for me. He’d be out the door in an instant.

WYR…Duel an elated Bellatrix or an angry Molly?

I think, as long as I hadn’t insulted Molly’s kids/family, I would choose her. She would be less likely to be aiming to kill.

WYR…Travel to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express or Flying Car?

Is this even a real question? Obviously the Hogwarts Express.

Photo Jul 11, 9 13 31 PMWYR…Kiss Voldemort or give Umbridge a bubble bath?

Kiss Voldemort. I’d be too tempted to drown Umbridge.

…although maybe that isn’t such a bad idea…

WYR…Ride a hippogriff or a Firebolt?

Definitely a Firebolt!

Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies vs. books?

Probably Percy Weasley. The movies pretty much left out how much of a prat he is, and the whole storyline where he is a social-ladder climbing jerk who abandons his family in a time of turmoil, all for his own self gain.

Is there a movie you prefer instead of the book?

Not even a little. The movies are awesome, but they don’t come close to being as amazing as the books are.

Photo Jul 17, 10 12 32 PMRichard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

Unpopular opinion here, but Michael Gambon. Sure, he didn’t get it perfectly, but I just can’t imagine Richard Harris dueling Voldemort in OotP, or hunting a horcrux in HBP. He is more than just that one GoF moment, and that one line shouldn’t color the entire rest of his performance across so many movies.

Your top thing (person or event) which wasn’t included in the movie that annoyed you the most?

I’d have to say the omission of Peeves. I know he wasn’t crucial to the plot, but he added a nice bit of flair and humor to the books.

Also, leaving the house elves out of GoF. No Dobby, no Winky, no S.P.E.W.! Dislike.

If you could remake any of the Potter movies, which would it be?

Goblet of Fire. They left out so much, and had to change whole plot bits because of it. It was such a great book, with all the TriWizard tasks, and the other schools, and Voldemort’s return. The movie just didn’t compare.

Photo Jul 21, 4 33 42 PMI am not going to tag anyone in particular here, but I will just encourage all my fellow Potterheads to try this tag!

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