The “Totally Didn’t” Book Tag

I am super excited about this book tag! I came across it on Books, Life, and Other Oddities, and knew I had to do it! This delves into some of my biggest bookish pet peeves, so I can’t wait to rant about them. 😉 Let’s get to it!

Totally Didn’t Need A Sequel

Let’s just start off with the hard ones, huh? So I am a HUGE fan of series, and I always want more books for the books I love. I wracked my brain, my shelves, and my Goodreads lists, and I can’t think of a single book where I thought the sequel never should have been written.

Totally Didn’t Need To Change the Cover Art Mid Way Through the Series

An Ember in the Ashes!** As someone who collects books just as much as she reads them (maybe more), I HATE when a series gets a drastic cover change midway through and therefore nixes any chance I have of getting a matched set. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the new covers (more than the originals in fact), but GIVE ME HARDCOVER EDITIONS OF THEM ALL!! I will literally buy books I already own just to ensure the series matches in the format of my choice. I don’t want the first 2 books in paperback, and I don’t want my hardcovers to have different designs on them!! Just take my money!!!

Another example worth noting: The Diviners. I love the new covers, despite the fact that they seem rather modern considering the book content, but I need a matched set and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen!

**I will give credit here for the fact that B&N is releasing a hardcover of AEITA with the new design, indicating we will get ATATN at some point as well. However, it took a few years for that to happen, so my rage hasn’t been fully spent yet.

Totally Didn’t Need A Love Triangle

City of Bones. Clary/Simon/Jace? A weird brother/sister storyline? Nope. What makes it even worse is that Cassie Clare is the queen of the well written love triangle! I expect so much more from her.

Totally Didn’t Need This Book in the Series

The Book That Shall Not Be Named. Okay, so I know this isn’t technically part of the Harry Potter series, but JKR claims it as canon, and it is sequel of sorts, but IT IS SO BAD! *gets on my soap box* The trolley witch? A super powerful time turner?! A VOLDY BABY?!?!?!?! It’s like they took every BAT-SHIT CRAZY idea they could think of, threw them all at a storyboard wall, and kept in the ones that stuck. IT MAKES NO SENSE!! It is an affront to the HP universe, and I refuse to accept it.

Totally Didn’t Need A Cliff Hanger

Empire of Storms. Okay, okay. Hear me out. That book totally did need that cliff hanger, BUT we DIDN’T need to then have to wait TWO WHOLE YEARS for a resolution, especially when it was a Chaol spinoff** that pushed back the release of KoA! Also, WAY TO LITERALLY BREAK MY HEART, SJM!!! That cliff hanger KILLED me. Ugh.

**Disclaimer: Chaol is my least favorite of the ToG “heroes”, but I really loved ToD. Just…that CLIFFHANGER! I’m still salty about it.

Totally Didn’t Need That Much Hype

The Sky in the Deep. This got SO MUCH hype on social media, and like every book box featured it, only for it to fall very flat for me. I wanted to love it; it has so many elements that I enjoy, plus a great setting, and a cool origin. Yet I could not get sucked in. Maybe it was too hyped?


Totally Didn’t Deserve My Time

The Book That Shall Not Be Named. *mic drop*

What are your thoughts on these “totally didn’t” prompts?! Tell us below in the comments!

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