Top Ten Tuesday: Character Traits We Love

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s prompt is all about the character traits you love best! As always, this prompt is from the awesome list put together by That Artsy Reader Girl. Be sure to check out her blog, and maybe even join us for next week’s theme.

Now that the Megabunny Reads team is more than just Megan, we decided to be more collaborative on the TTT posts! We hope this brings a little more depth and variety to our lists. This week we each chose our 3 favorite traits, and then voted on the 10th one together! We also included some characters with these traits for each one, to give it some context. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Quiet Bravery

Amanda’s first choice.

Neville is the very definition of quiet bravery, standing up for himself when it was demanded up him. However, when a leader was needed he is the one who took on that mantle.


Amanda’s next choice.

Anne Shirley was the epitome of all I wanted to be when I was a child. She was quick of the tongue, fearless in the face of change, and would take on anything that got in her way.

Shrug Off Societies Norms

Amanda’s final choice.

Society has a way of pushing us around, trying to mold us into what’s proper or what is expected. What I really love are characters who stand their ground, lift their chins, and defiantly say “No I won’t”. Characters like Jo March from Little Women, who knew what she wanted from life and refused to let society tell her it wasn’t her place.

A Dreamer

Megan’s first choice.

I love a character who has a dream, or isn’t afraid to dream. These are the characters with artist’s souls, or who talk a little like a poem sometimes. Some of my favorite dreamers have to be Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer (I mean…it’s in the title) and Emily Starr from the Emily of New Moon series (L.M. Montgomery!!!).

Open with Their Feelings

Megan’s next choice.

Nothing is worse than a case of miscommunication in a story. We have all experienced those moments when we want to yell at the characters to JUST SAY WHAT YOU MEAN ALREADY AND THIS COULD ALL BE AVOIDED! An author who manages this brilliantly is Sandhya Menon! We love how her leading men are very upfront with their feelings and don’t leave things to guesswork. It’s SO refreshing.

March to the Beat of Their Own Drum

Megan’s final choice.

We love characters who forge their own paths and aren’t phased by what other people think. These characters are often labeled as “odd” by others, but we love them for the special unicorns they are! A prime example here would be Luna Lovegood, who doesn’t just march to her own drum, but a whole damn orchestra.

Tragic Past/Needs to Be Saved

Natasha’s first choice.

Who doesn’t love a character with a tragic backstory?! I can’t think of a better example of this than Kaz “Dirty Hands” Brekker. He is in such desperate need of saving, it’s not even funny. Poor bean.


Natasha’s next choice.

There’s something about a broody male that just gets the blood flowing. And when it comes to the broodiest of broodiest, there are two words: Rowan Whitethorn. Yesssss please. I’d climb that man like a tree! Honorable mention goes to Draco Malfoy.

Take No Shit

Natasha’s final choice.

Nothing is better than a character who DGAF and takes no shit from anyone. Who fits this better than Manon “literal fangs and claws” Blackbeak. She is fierce and unforgiving and pretty much heartless, and we love her for it.


Unanimously voted favorite!

We love characters who are full of sass and snark and sarcasm (The Three S’s). Especially when they have the badass skills to back up their attitudes. Some of our faves include Aelin Fireheart and Mia Corvere. They put the Sass in Assassin and we love them for it! Another notable sass-filled character has to be Ella Malikova from the Illuminae Files. Queen Snark, she.

What are your favorite character traits?


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