Introducing a New Team Member: Natasha!

Photo Jul 19, 7 42 43 PMI am super excited to announce that we will have another new regular collaborator here on Megabunny Reads!! As we know, I have been working to increase the quality of content on this page, and live by the philosophy that Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Luckily for me, my parabatai Natasha was willing to step up to the plate! She’s one of my very favorite people, so I am pumped to have her on the team!

A Little Background…

Photo Oct 03, 10 49 57 AMNatasha and I first met in December 2016 when we became reps for the same candle company (which is no longer around). The rep period sucked as much as the company did, but Natasha and I realized we were pretty much soulmates and have been besties ever since. Despite the fact that we are separated by 1007 miles (yes, I mapped it out. Also, you can chop 100 miles off that if you cut through Canada, but I don’t have a passport right now so the long way it is), and have never actually met in person, we make up for this distance with constant texts and frequent FaceTime convos. You can follow her on Instagram here!

Now I will let her tell you a bit about herself!

Once Upon a Time…

Photo Mar 18, 5 34 43 PMHey guys! Not much going on here in my neck of the woods. I am a 30 year old wife and mother of three. I am an aspiring author and survive mostly on pizza, coffee, wine, and swear words. When I’m not doing the mom and wife thing, you can usually catch me with my nose buried in a book. YA fantasy is mainly my jam, but occasionally I delve into Adult Fantasy. I’m also currently in the process of having an entire sleeve dedicated to bookish tattoos thanks to my totally amazing and talented husband! Any questions about me, feel free to ask…I’m pretty much an open book (couldn’t make it through one blog post without inserting a pun O.o).

In Conclusion…

Photo Jul 16, 12 29 38 PMI am super stoked to have Natasha join the team! Expect to get some awesome behind-the-scenes insight from her as she navigates writing and (fingers crossed) publishing her debut novel, what it’s like to juggle a family, a job, and a writing career, and tips for other aspiring writers! That and so much more!! I can’t wait for this new adventure for Megabunny Reads, and I hope you join us!

Welcome to the team, Natasha!

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