August 2019 Unicorn Crate – Heart of a Dragon

So August marked the very last box before Unicorn Crate shifted to it’s new bi-monthly set up, and OMG is it an AMAZING box! I know I always say “this box is my favorite one yet”, but this IS MY FAVORITE ONE YET!! I mean, I am a total sucker for Dragons, and here we have a box themed completely around them, so it was bound to appeal to me. Let’s dig in so I can gush fully!!!

Bright Star by Erin Swan

Photo Sep 18, 5 37 37 PMAugust’s featured book was one I hadn’t heard of, but am now very excited for! One of my favorite things about Unicorn Crate is how Naomi often chooses books that are less mainstream. Not only does this reduce the risk of my getting duplicate books in my various sub boxes, but it also means I often end up with a fabulous read that I otherwise would have never known to pick up!

Per Goodreads: “Erin Swan’s YA fantasy debut, Bright Star, is an action-packed adventure tale of rebellion, romance, and finding one’s voice in the heart of a storm.”

Doesn’t that sound amazing? It also doesn’t hurt that this cover is STUNNING! I am a sucker for a pretty cover. As always, this came with a signed bookplate and a letter from the author, making it extra special!

Photo Sep 25, 4 40 30 PM“Book Dragon” Wax Seal

I always love getting wax seals! This one has such a pretty design, and the included wax is a lovely blue-green color! I rarely write letters, or have cause for a seal, but this makes me want to throw wax on everything! Maybe I need to find a pen pal…

This is also extra perfect because I am 100% a book dragon, hoarding books like treasure and not letting other people borrow/touch them (seriously…I’d rather buy you your own copy than lend out one of my physical books).

Dragon-Eye Soap by Bud & Bee

Photo Sep 03, 5 44 49 PMI am literally never using this soap because it is TOO PRETTY TO USE!!! Fortunately, it also smells SO FREAKING AMAZING, and the scent throw literally fills the room any time I unwrap it from it’s packaging. I plan to find a pretty dish to display this on, and let this just scent my library with its amazing spicy smell.

This came in two possible color options. The first, pictured here, was a bright blue that instantly put me in mind of Saphria from the Inheritance Cycle.

There are still a few of these available for purchase in the Goodies Shop, so act fast if you want one of your own! I also highly recommend checking out Bud & Bee and all of their amazing products!

Photo Oct 02, 5 54 32 PMDragon Scale Necklace by Enchanted Bottle Craft

Enchanted Bottle Craft knocked it out of the park with this adorable charm necklace! It features a wee bottle filled with shiny dragon scales (humanely gathered, I presume), and has a teeny little sword charm to compliment it! This is the perfect necklace for the magizoologist in your life. Pick one up in the Goodies Shop now!

You should also check out Enchanted Bottle Craft on Instagram!

Unicorn Crate Enamel Pin

IMG_20190905_083651_508UC always includes a unicorn-themed item in their boxes, and it’s always fun to see how they will incorporate it! I wondered how they would work a unicorn into a dragon box (a dragon-corn, maybe? A unicorn and a dragon being bffls in an art print?) and feel like including a pin version of the UC logo was brilliant!

This pin is made from soft enamel and is just the right size! You can snag one now in the Goodies Shop, so go get yours and show of your Unicorn Crate Pride!

This gorgeous photo was taken by Constance from on Instagram! Go give her some love; her account is wonderful! She also has an author website! Super thank you to her for letting me use her photo!!!

Zippered Pouch from A Woodland Fairytale

Photo Oct 02, 5 55 26 PMA Woodland Fairytale does such stunning artwork (you may recognize them from the pillowcase included with the April Animal Companions box) and I was THRILLED to see that this box included another item from this fabulous shop! This pouch is PERFECT!! I am a sucker for a good zippered pouch, probably because I have a thing for pens and always have at least 1-2 pouches filled in my work bag. This is a large sized pouch which will be perfect for filling with lots of things! I have plans to use it for my Tombow Dual Brush pens, which are longer than the average marker and therefore don’t fit well in a standard pouch. This would also make a great make-up bag for those who are more girly than I am!

You can get one of the beautiful pouches in the Goodies Shop! Also make sure you visit A Woodland Fairytale on Instagram and on their Etsy page!

Pocket Notebook from Sandara

Not only did we have a beautifully drawn dragon on the zippered pouch, but we got a second one on this adorable little pocket notebook! I love this precious little leafy dragon!!! Naomi recently featured this on the UC Instagram feed, and asked “if this little woodland dragon popped out of the artwork on the cover of this cute pocket notebook and proclaimed itself your new pet, what would you name it?” Well, I would name him Sven. Doesn’t he look like a little Sven? I want to pet him and let him ride around on my shoulder.

You can get one of these lovely little notebooks in the Goodies Shop!

Super thank you to Amy from @theanimagusblack for providing these gorgeous photos! Make sure you check out her awesome account on Instagram!

Photo Sep 08, 1 22 22 PMThe Last Namsara Art Print from Thimsy Whimsy

Our final item is this great art print inspired by The Last Namsara, with artwork by Thimsy Whimsy! Unicorn Crate actually featured The Last Namsara in their October 2017 box, so this was a nice call back to that, especially since the box theme was Dragons! I love the fiery vibe of this art print (I’m sure that comes as a surprise to you all), and can’t wait to display it with my print collection!

Check out Thimsy Whimsy on Instagram!

Thank you to Unicorn Crate for making such an amazing box! I highly suggest you follow them on Instagram for updates and announcements on the upcoming boxes! Also be sure to visit their Website to sign up for the newsletter and to check out the Goodies Shop!

Another thank you to Amy and Constance for letting me use their photos in this post! I love being able to show off more pics than just my own, and these ladies have some serious skills! Sending so much love your way.


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