Introducing a New Team Member: Amanda!

Photo Oct 02, 12 56 11 PMI am super stoked to announce an addition to the Megabunny Reads team! I have been working hard of late to increase the frequency of my posts and the depth of the content, and realized I would be best served to bring in some help! Luckily for me, my good friend Amanda recently mentioned she was interested in blogging, but wasn’t sure she wanted to start her own yet. This seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to serve us both, and I immediately press-ganged invited her to join the team! Fortunately for me she accepted!

Photo Oct 02, 12 56 06 PMA Little Background…

Amanda has been running her bookstagram account @frayedbindings for several years now! She and I first met about 2 years ago when we both joined the MLCco team as what eventually turned into permanent rep positions! We quickly bonded over our mutual love of Harry Potter and dislike of Snape, and even co-hosted a Harry Potter Readathon and Giveaway in October 2018. Fast forward to today and we are about to host our third Readathon and Giveaway, have teamed up for a recurring monthly photo challenge, and still continue to work closely with MLCco!

Photo Oct 02, 12 56 14 PMAbout Amanda, in her own words…

I’m a 31 year old mom of four and wife to a muggle. My oldest has a rare diagnosis of Williams Syndrome which makes him like the hufflepuffiest huffle who ever puffed! I like long walks by myself and for everyone to eat their supper. My all time favorite food is carbs, and Little Women will always be my number one book. I like to live dangerously and snack while reading, but I’m prone to long Netflix binges as well. I was raised in the military and joined it myself at 17. I’ve lived in nearly 10 states and a few countries. I’ve been to Iraq (the same camp my dad deployed too, which was pretty heavy).  Currently, I’m working on my second novel and I’m really excited about it!

Photo Oct 02, 12 56 09 PMIn Conclusion

Keep your eyes peeled moving forward for all of the awesomeness Amanda will be bringing to the team! She has some fabulous ideas in the works, plus a whole slew of reviews for some great books! I am so excited for these new things to come, and can’t wait for ya’ll to see them! Welcome to the team, Amanda!!


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