MLC Candle Crate: Remixes and Retellings

The time has come to show off the epic Remixes and Retellings box from MLCco! I love love love that MLCco has introduced the MLC Candle Crate, because I love sub boxes and I love candles and this combines them both!!! So let’s not even waste time chatting, and just get right to the box!

Photo Aug 11, 1 51 58 PM

So the MLC Candle Crates are available in two options: the full box (which includes everything you see here) or the items only box (which is all the items but not the book). I actually got the items-only box this time around, as I had already received the book in another subscription.

MLCco always announces the book ahead of time, which is awesome for me as the consumer. Not only do I know when I might end up with duplicate books, and can therefore opt out of the book portion, but it also means MLC can include sequels in their boxes! I always want more sequel merch for the books I love, and that rarely happens unless a company opts to do a special edition box. But now I can get the sequels I already know I want, PLUS awesome goodies to go with it!

The Book

Photo Sep 09, 11 58 53 AMThe featured book in the Remixes and Retellings box was Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim. This set the perfect stage for our theme, as we could do all the fairy-tale goodies everyone knows and wants!

One thing that MLC does with their books is SPRAYED PAGES!!! Ashley is fabulous and works super hard to match the page color to the cover so the whole thing comes out looking amazing! If you love sprayed pages, then you cannot go wrong with this box! The book also came with a signed book plate!

The Candles

Every MLC Candle Crate comes with TWO FULL SIZED CANDLES!! Not only that, but one of the candles is always one of Ashley’s signature sorting-style candles!! But wait, there’s more! The other candle is always a wood wick candle in a beautiful colored jar! These candles are exclusive to the box and can’t be purchased any other way!

Photo Aug 08, 6 34 54 PMThe sorting candle this month was called “If the Shoe Fits” and was inspired by some of our favorite fairy tale princesses! The scent was a delightful blend of Apple Blossoms, White Woods, and Sweet Melon. Once you light the candle, it changes color to reveal what princess you are (I got Ariel)! The options were as follows:
Dark Blue – Cinderella
Red- Moana
Purple- Ariel
Teal- Jasmine
Dark Green- Tiana

Photo Jul 15, 11 28 25 AMBUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! In the Remixes and Retellings box, the wood wick candle you received was one of THREE possible options!!! *pause for gasps of awe*. The candle was inspired by Spin the Dawn and specifically around the three elements Maia must capture to craft into magical dresses. Your “Seize the Wind” candle could be Tears of the Moon (Patchouli, Sugar Pine, and White Fir), Blood of the Stars (Blood Orange), or Laughter of the Sun (Tonka Bean, Naval Orange, and Violet). Mine was the Tears of the Moon option, and it is delightful!


The Self-Care Items

Photo Sep 09, 11 57 18 AMMLC Candle Crates always include one or more self-care products, which is super exciting because I literally can’t live without Ashley’s sugar scrubs. This month’s box had two awesome body products, including one that was actually a two-in-one!

The first item was the Villainess whipped shea body butter! Inspired by Sea Witch, this body butter is creamy and silky and left my skin SO soft! Also, a little goes a long way, which means this jar should last me ages!

Photo Jul 15, 11 41 02 AMThe other item was this ADORABLE Heartless inspired “Lemon Tart”. What makes this tart so special is that the “frosting” part is actually a fabulous foaming body soap, and the “tart” is a delightful shower steamer!!! Plus its topped with a little soap heart, just for fun!


The Goodies

Photo Sep 09, 11 57 28 AMWe had two extra goodies in the box this month! The first was a simple but perfect addition: a recipe card for homemade lemon tarts! I love when boxes include little touches like this. The recipe is simple enough for even a non-baker to make the treats, and Ashley tested it herself before including it, so you know it’s tasty!

The final item is a lovely mug rug inspired by The Wrath and the Dawn, and made exclusively for the box by Bookish Star Designs! One side has a beautiful printed fabric, and the other is a soft material that I really just want to cuddle up with. šŸ˜‰

Photo Jul 15, 11 55 08 AMAll in all, I adored every item in this box!!! I have been using both candles liberally! For those that hoard their bookish candles, this box is a great way to have a constant supply so you never have to feel bad about using them! With two new candles each month, you’ll always have enough. I have been saving the tart for a day when I feel the need to pamper myself, but the shea butter is already in use! The mug rug has a place of honor on my desk so I can have a place for my drink any time I’m on the computer!

If you like what you see in this box, make sure you follow MLC Candle Crate on Instagram! She posts frequent updates and announcements, plus you can vote on sneak peeks for upcoming boxes, and sometimes even for the fandoms we feature!!!!

Boxes are limited right now, so the best way to ensure you don’t miss out is to subscribe! Make sure you use my code MLCBUNNY to save 10% on your new subscription!

Super thank you to Ashley from MLC Candle Crate and Amanda from @Frayedbindings for letting me use some of their awesome photos! Each of their images is clickable with a link to their Instagram accounts!

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