June 2019 Unicorn Crate: Hidden Realms

Now that we are safely into July, I am excited to bring you a full unboxing of Unicorn Crate‘s June “Hidden Realms” box! This box was packed full of awesome goodies, as per usual, and a stunning book!! I have been fortunate to be a rep for UC since January and I am always amazed at the quality of the boxes that Naomi curates. She puts such care into each one and it really shows. In fact, if you like what you see in this post, you can snag one of the limited leftover boxes she has up in the shop! I will drop that link at the bottom, along with a code you can use for a new subscription!!

Without further ado, lets check out the contents of this awesome box.

The theme for June’s box was “Hidden Realms”

“Ever wish you could step out your window and follow the second star to the right, straight on til morning? Or follow your dreams to the city of Weep? How about meeting your friends for dinner in the Rainbow of Velaris? The Hidden Realms box will contain goodies inspired by Strange the Dreamer, Peter Pan, The Chronicles of Narnia, The City of Brass, Alice in Wonderland, A Court of Thorns and Roses series, and more.”

Um, yes please!!!!

Every item in this was FANTASTIC and it might be my favorite UC box this year (which is saying a lot, because there have been some AMAZING boxes).

Photo Jun 23, 8 28 40 PM

Just look at that collection of items!! *heart eyes*

Before the Broken Star by Emily R King

I was SUPER excited for this to be the book of the month, which came with a signed bookplate and an author letter. I have read Emily’s Hundredth Queen series and loved it, so I am pumped to check out this first book in her new series! Unicorn Crate describes it as follows:

“In this exciting fantasy, a fierce young female adventurer is living on borrowed time and battles time itself to claim her destiny. Her hunt for justice leads her on a harrowing journey across seas and uncharted lands. There are secrets to unearth, treasures to be found, and unexpected alliances to be discovered.”

LOVE!! What makes this even MORE exciting is the fact that it is THE PRETTIEST NAKED BOOK EVER!!!! Seriously. Look:


FullSizeRender (4)Dreamer Sleep Mask

This stunning sleep mask was designed by Unicorn Crate and inspired by Strange the Dreamer (one of my very favorite books)! It’s so soft and silky and makes me totally ready for a nice nap! This lovely photo was taken by Nikki from @bibliophile_nikki over on Instagram! Go check her out!


“Tea with Mr. Tumnus”

Photo Jun 23, 8 30 39 PMThis herbal tea is an exclusive blend from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe, who makes amazing literary teas!!

This blend is decaf vanilla chai and caramel, which is literal heaven in a cup. I am a huge fan of chai, so this was a VERY welcome surprise!!

Make sure you go give them a like on Instagram and then go stock up on goodies over on the website!


Rainbow Unicorn Tea Infuser

Photo Jun 23, 8 31 08 PMWhat better way to make our delicious chai than using an awesome rainbow unicorn to steep it?! Unicorn Crate includes a unicorn item in every box, and it’s always fun to see how they will make that happen. This little fellow is absolutely adorable and I love him!

He is made from a food-safe silicone and comes apart in the middle so he is not only easy to fill with tea, but also easy to wash! Then his front legs hook on the rim of the mug, he takes a relaxing soak, and a few minutes later you have delicious tea made with extra magic!

Peter Pan Page Flags

Photo Jun 23, 8 30 24 PMPeter Pan is in my top-10 favorite Disney movies, so these adorable page flags are PERFECT!! I also love tabbing books as I read, so I am totes using these ASAP!

These flags were designed by Girl of All Work and feature Peter, Wendy, Hook, and Tink! Her products are all adorable and awesome, so please go show her some love on Instagram and then pop over to her website to fill your cart with goodies!


Exclusive Bookmark

Photo Jun 23, 8 31 28 PMThis exclusive bookmark is designed by Unicorn Crate and is inspired by The City of Brass. It features designs on both sides and is so pretty! I also love the featured quote!

I haven’t had the chance to read this series yet, despite owning both the first and second books, but I have it high up on my TBR and this bookmark makes me want to get to them even sooner! A book is always better when you have a bookmark to match it. That’s just plain science. 😉

Canvas Tote

FullSizeRender (1)This is probably my favorite item in the whole crate! I am a sucker for totes and I use them every day, interchanging them all the time to fit whatever vibe I am feeling.

The design is by Intueri, and is paired with a quote from Herman Melville. I love the intricate detailing of the whale, paired with the compass above. Plus, blue is my favorite color and this is such a stunning shade. Love, love, love.

Another awesome photo by @bibliophile_nikki!

Velaris Luggage Tag

Photo Jun 23, 8 14 07 PMYou can’t go wrong with an ACOMAF item, and this luggage tag is no exception. It makes me want to pack my entire collection of SJM books into a suitcase and take off for somewhere warm and tropical by the ocean.

This luggage tag was designed by the amazing Bio and Brandish, who can be found through their Etsy page or their Instagram account.



Wonderland Art Print

Photo Jun 23, 8 31 43 PMUp next we have this absolutely precious art print featuring a door to Wonderland! Who doesn’t love a good piece of Alice merch, amiright?

This lovely design was created by Lindsay of Web and Moss Studio. You can follow her on Instagram here, and then head over to purchase ALL THE PRINTS from the website here. OR check out their awesome Society6 page and decorate your home with Lindsey’s gorgeous designs!

So there we have it: the amazing June Hidden Realms box from Unicorn Crate! There are a limited number of leftover crates available in the shop right now, so act fast if you love what you see!

Love this box and want to start getting them regularly? Subscriptions are open now and will start with the upcoming August “Heart of a Dragon” box! Use my code MEGABUNNY10 to save on your new subscription!

A shout out to Nikki from @bibliophile_nikki for letting me use some of her awesome photos! Go give her a follow and some love!


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