Typewriter Hearts Shop Spotlight

Photo Feb 11, 7 21 01 PMI am a sucker for bath and body items, so I was super excited when I discovered that my friend Amanda ran a shop that specialized in quality crafted products! Her company, Typewriter Hearts, produces some amazing stuff, and I have been super lucky to rep for her for the last few months! Her shop is too amazing not to talk about, so we sat down for a little Q&A sesh!

When did you first establish Typewriter Hearts?

We officially opened our Etsy shop in early 2017

What made you decide to start up? Why bath and body?

We originally began making sugar scrubs for Christmas presents, but when I joined bookstagram, I really loved the idea of bookish ones and just went for it. I love the luxury of taking long baths and self-care. So bath and body really was a logical choice. It helps that it’s a small niche that not a lot of bookish companies are involved in.

HB4116Is TH your full-time job?

It depends on how you describe full-time. I work it in-between being a full-time mom of four!

What was your very first product, and is it still available now?

The first book inspired scrub we introduced was The Burrow, with lovely homey scents and I’m excited to say we are bringing it back under a new name; Hearth.

How have things changed with TH since you first opened?

When we first started, we were VERY handmade. We did our labels, business cards, and all in-house. But when we had to shut down due to medical reasons with our oldest, we decided to come back more polished and professional.

photo-mar-19-5-38-32-pm-e1554834538418.jpgTell us about the products you make, and what goes into making them?

Right now we offer all-natural, cruelty free, and vegan-friendly sugar scrubs, beard oils, and roll-on perfume. We’re hoping to launch our lip balms in the near future. We stick to the basics so everything is as safe as possible for all skin types.

LRM_EXPORT_674039627144_20181218_100436838What is the best part about running TH?

I love the creative outlet it gives and being able to connect with other bibliophiles is a great perk. But it also gives my husband and I something to do together where we both get to use our individual skills.

What is the most challenging part?

Working with my husband. I’m kidding. It’s really staying on top of social media and being involved that way, and finding the time between all of the mom things.

Where do you get your inspiration?

We pull a lot of inspiration from the books I read. But sometimes I just really like a scent profile and go with it.

Which product is the most popular?

Our Lumberjack blend is a big seller!

Photo Mar 20, 5 50 14 PMYou always package the products so prettily! Tell us about that.

I think that everyone loves to open a present, and I really just love being able to bring that feeling to our customers with every order! The time and detail is our brand.

Tell me what you have coming out next!

We recently launched our roll-on perfume, which is exciting, and soon we will be introducing our new lip balms in time for summer. We do have other things on the works, but we’re going to keep it a surprise for now!

What goes into the process when making perfumes?

The biggest part is letting them blend together for a long enough time do the scent justice and get it just right. If you get the ratio of fragrance wrong, you have to start all over.


What is your favorite product in your current line-up?

I am really loving our Revolution products. They are just very fresh and bright smelling!

What is one fun, but totally random, fact about you?

I took a cross-country road trip with my grandparents when I was 16 where our final destination was in Hyder, Alaska to watch the grizzly bear migration. It was amazing.


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