Hey, I Have a Blog!

Well, it has finally happened. I have started a blog. Well…a blog that is just mine! I have tried this unsuccessfully twice in the past, once with my bestie (we sort of forgot about it), and then with my core group of 3 other bookish friends (again…we got lazy and stopped doing posts together and life got in the way), but they say the third time is the charm. SO I am going to give this a try on my own!


The downside of sharing a blog was that I am a super fast reader and finish books almost daily. With my own space I can write as fast (or slow) as I want and it’s all up to me! Hopefully, with a little magic and some serious self-discipline (I don’t have much…) I can create something awesome.

First, a little about me! My name is Megan, also known as Meg or Megabunny (by both my hubby-from whom the nickname originated- and my Instagram followers). I am in my third decade of life and it’s not as bad as my 14-year-old self would have predicted. I live in New Hampshire, USA with my husband, Ian, our 2 very fluffy Australian Shepherds, Shady and Luna, and our 2 cats, Kitty and Cassian. We live a quick drive from the Altantic Ocean, which is super cold even in the summer, and also a quick drive from so many mountains. I grew up in Southern Maine and I visit regularly since my whole family (both sets of parents, my sister, and one of 2 sets of grandparents) still lives in my hometown.

photo oct 25, 9 16 45 pm

By day I am an administrative assistant in the financial planning industry, which is a great job in that I am generally under-worked and overpaid. When I am not sitting in an office, I spend most of my time reading. Besides books, my other hobbies include LudoSport (light-saber dueling…yes that’s a real thing and it’s awesome), the Society for Creative Anachronism -or SCA-, being a resident Wand Mistress and assistant Herbology Professor at The New England School of Witchcraft and Wizarding (a HP inspired, fully immersive, wizarding school in Worcester, MA), baking delicious treats, driving around in my ’69 VW Bug Convertible named Diego, and binge watching Netflix.

photo aug 17, 8 24 00 pm

What can you expect to see here? Books. So many books. We all know that I love books and bookish things (I mean, it is what I dedicate my life, time, Instagram, whole rooms of my house, and my soul to), so this is my place to share that love with others in a way that isn’t just pictures. I love my Instagram, but the algorithm over there means I can’t just share all the things I love because posts don’t get likes unless they feature SJM or Harry Potter (this is only a slight exaggeration). But here I can talk about ALL the books! WITH spoilers!! There will 100% be spoilers because, for me, talking about books without talking about what happens is fairly impossible. If I wanted to just rephrase the summary on the book jacket, I wouldn’t dedicate a blog to it.

photo sep 24, 6 36 54 pm

I digress. Besides just writing spoilery reviews, there will also be a fair amount of snark, a dash of sarcasm, a bit of swearing, and the occasional fire. If you hate fire, this is not the place for you. If you dislike spoilers, this is NOT the place for you. If me possibly hating on books you love offends you, this is DEFINITELY not the place for you. As for the rest of you, welcome! Let’s see how this goes!

TL;DR version: Hi! There will be books! And spoilers! And fire!

“I can survive well enough on my own, given the proper reading material.” -Celaena Sardothien, Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas


All photos featured in this post were taken by the amazing Monica at Bushor Photography, who is my partner-in-crime anytime I want to light things on fire or feel the need to dress up in my wedding gown and haunt around a misty graveyard. Not only is Monica an incredible wedding photog, but her fantasy-driven photo-shoots are absolutely stunning. I highly recommend checking out her website or Instagram.

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